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3000AD Systems are dedicated to working with companies to supply superior simple solutions to complex problems.

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3000AD Systems offer software that will save you money in managing your Business. We do this effectively because we specialize in Business Analysis, Business Planning and analyse how to manage Business Critical issues.

We have experience in creating Work-Around solutions to meet your electronic document delivery requirements, where alternative processes are unavailable or not Cost Effective.





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3000AD Systems
commenced business in 1991 under the banner of TGA Accounting & Systems. In March 1999, TGA Accounting & Systems gave way to 3000AD Systems, an incorporated company. 3000AD Systems is committed to excellence in Customer Service and upholds high Business Ethics.

Midland Optical is a wholesale eyeware lab, dealing with accounts nationwide. Prior to PDF-eXPLODE we were distributing 1000’s of pages in reports by US mail on a monthly basis that took hours to assemble and process. PDF-eXPLODE has cut down report distribution to a fraction of the time. We now automatically tag the e-mail address in the report and then “burst” the reports into separate files that are automatically e-mailed to the proper eye practice.

3000AD SYSTEMS support has been excellent.... We highly recommend this product for anyone who are still bound by paper reporting.

Timothy Christ
Midland Optical, St Louis, USA

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